This week was about talking to customers and planning roadmaps - exciting, sometimes frustrating but always motivating.

What I’ve been doing

Working through our product roadmaps for the next year - making sure all different product areas fit together nicely. Also balancing that with talking to some of our customers who have had or are having problems with us to make sure we can effectively deliver what we currently sell before taking on newer shinier things. Also bids (gotta love enterprise sales) which means a few weeks of content discovery, content writing and asking questions like “can we?” and “should we?”.

What I’ve been thinking about

I hope that as AI usage continues to increase in the enterprise as it will make knowledge management so much easier. I clearly come to this conclusion from having spent some time both writing content, updating content and searching for content produced by others. I know for certain that I won’t be the only one who would love this type of work to be fundamentally altered and even removed by AI.

What I’ve been reading

Just a little update on my book reading I guess. In Weeknote-01 I said that I had started reading the murderbot diaries. Well I’m now finishing off the 4th book (Exit Strategy) in the currently 7-book series - told you I was slow.

What I’ve been watching

  • Foundation - Season 2 (Apple TV) - only a few episodes in but it is indeed an easier watch than the first series.

What I’ve been listening to

  • Undefeated - Frank Turner - Given that me and my wife have a collective love on Mr Turner (with out annual gig pilgrimage), it should be no surprised that I loved this album. Frank returning to his shouty/political roots.

What I’ve been doing in the real world

Gardening for the first time this year, which means up to the knees in grass. We’ve also started “the big clear out” in preparation for what I think might be a house move at some point in the next 12-months.