Trying something new, not sure if it will stick, might delete later.

I’ve been going on a bit of deep dive of trying to push more of my thoughts, ideas, resources and other random half-baked things out into the universe to see if anyone else gets value from them and that’s when I came across the idea of weeknotes. Not sure if it’ll work or not and it’ll have a very different tone than my usual blog posts, so let’s see.

I’m kinda cheating because this week hasn’t been much of a working week at all as I’ve been on leave for most of the week so I’ve only been working for two days.

What I’ve been doing

This week has been a bit like:

therapist gif

Listening and nodding

Lots of conversations with people over the last few days and getting updates and feedback about all sorts of things going on. It’s not only catching up after having been on leave but also feels like I’ve cemented that reputation of being a good ear for listening to frustrations and being a good rubber duck to work through problems (with the occasional additional context thrown in). For some it’s probably like therapy, but for me it’s a sea of small fragmented notes that allow me to built a bigger picture.

Re-learning Professional Services

I’ve been in a professional services org now for about 8 years which means you’d think I’d have a good grasp of how it all works - turns out there is lots of stuff I wasn’t aware of. Spent a bit of time this week learning the end-to-end journey of how a project starts, get’s resourced and get’s invoiced and all the swirly bits in between. Turns out having a beginners mind is always useful at whatever stage your at.

What I’ve been thinking about

How important knowledge management is in an organisation and how few companies really invest in it. So many assumptions and so few things written down.

How complicated the AI landscape is right now and how deep you can go if you step outside of the OpenAI bubble. I’ve got a mountain of reading to do (both books and whitepapers) and I expect the next few months to be long.

What I’ve been reading

Well finally put all my blogs into a blogroll

I’ve also started the [murderbot series] for some light reading, although I’m always a slow reader of fiction.

What I’ve been listening to

I’ve put all my podcasts into a podroll but a recent addition has been Risky.Biz - some good security updates on various chaotic things out in the wild.

What I’ve been doing in the real world

This website has had some updates this week because I’ve been off.

It was my birthday, so I spent time eating great food and laughing with my daughter.

Given that the weather is getting better, I worked from the yard for the first time this year so I got to spend a little extra time with the horses.