This week as been a mixed emotions week. Sadness with departing collogues but also a week of positive productivity.

What I’ve been doing

Writing scripts to take inventory of customer environments. Financial modelling. All feels very 2021.

What I’ve been thinking about

Habits - and what’s my next nudge? After reading the famous Atomic Habbits I periodically make small adjustments to my daily routines to add in new things I want to do. Most of the time this is things that take me 10-20 minutes a day, like Duolingo or changing my breakfast, other times this is bigger things like buying a treadmill. I’m starting to think about what’s list of small changes I want to do and over what time frame. More on this in future weeknotes I think.

What I’ve been reading

Zero. Well, not quite but my feed has been building up and it’s been a lot less reading and a lot more reading of youtube videos as part of my on-going AI learning/research.

Although one thing that sent me off in a bit of a rabbit hole this week is: Synthesia’s AI Avatars.

What I’ve been watching

  • 3 Body Problem (Netflix) - Not the type of sci-fi show you can watch in the background, it really needs watching. It reminds me a bit of Sense8 from a few years ago.

What I’ve been listening to

New podcast - Last Week in AI for updates on everything going on in AI world.

What I’ve been doing in the real world

In [WeekNote-02] I mentioned I’d just purchased a walking treadmill, well the past couple of weeks have been a bit of an experiment figuring out what types of work I can do a different speeds. Also trying to train my brain to operate and faster and faster speeds (just like I did with podcast listening). I also did some messing about with getting a video background working for Teams. Feel like I’ll expand this weeknote update into a full blog post soon.