This has been one of those weeks where a bomb is dropped that turns the week you had in mind upside down. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s been a week that I was not expecting at all.

What I’ve been doing

There have been some high-profile leavers this week (which I can’t publicly discuss) but it has shaken the office a little, it’s also meant lots of internal networking.

My first team really came together for each other and that’s felt great, I’ve really not felt that team bond like that for quite a long time.

I’ve had two office visits this week, which doesn’t sound much, but given that I predominantly work remotely it’s certainly unusual and note worthy. It was well worth it, but as tiring as I expected. Enjoying being round people though and it’s a great way to get the daily steps in.

What I’ve been thinking about

Based on a great conversation I had with one of our product managers this week, I’ve been thinking more about how the growth and commentary around AI is just like that of the Cloud adoption curve of 15 years ago.

  • Similar complexity (which cloud provider do I choose? vs which model do I choose?)
  • Similar me-too rush for adoption (look! look! I’m also doing Cloud/AI)
  • Similar mis-understood security profile
  • Similar mis-understood cost profile.

I think supporting customers from a managed service perspective in their adoption on AI services is going to be great over the next few years (there is probably a deeper blog post on this somewhere)

What I’ve been watching

A little less reading this week and a bit more watching of tv (for recovery time). Reminds me that I need to add sharing my watching list to this site as one of my mini-projects.

  • Scoop (Netflix) - great dramatisation of the prince Andrew debacle with the wonderful Gillian Anderson.
  • For All Mankind (Apple TV+) (currently on season 2) - my latest sci-fi binge watch about the alternative timeline of the space race, hoping it continues to be renewed up to it’s planned 7 seasons.

What I’ve been listening to

What I’ve been doing in the real world

New walking treadmill. I’ll be giving this a proper review and blog post after I’ve used it for a couple of months, but I was too sedentary (approx. 3000 steps a day) which was starting to impact my health in various ways. Needed an easy way to nudge a habit of more exercise and movement that will work in both winter and summer weather.