This week I’ve been doing my best impression of a technical writer and other things have sort of fallen the way side. On a slight side note, this is the first week note I’m using working copy on my phone, it’s taken longer but it’s allowed me to write in smaller fragments during the week, so I think it might result in better content if I can keep it up.

What I’ve been doing

I’ve been speaking to customers and working on a lot of bids lately. What I’ve realised is how important is it to have written down how your products work and how your business operates. This transparency builds confidence and trust. This means that I’ve been writing a lot, this week about 30k words of content. This has required deep focus and not much time for anything else, but it has also allows me to build some templates to make this easier in the future and have some great conversations with colleagues I don’t work with often. Tiring but extremely positive.

What I’ve been thinking about

I love to share things I find on my travels around the internet. I share with friends and with colleagues based on conversations we’ve had previously or their areas of work or interests. While I will absolutely continue to do this, I’m thinking about adding /link page for all the articles I reading and add notes to every week. Not sure on the technical details yet but something I want to do.

What I’ve been reading

A little bit more progress with my reading list due to some sleepless nights but I’ve added more to my list than I can read. A internet deep-dive into Dystopia, Cyberpunk and the many other related genres and sub-genres has opened up some future reading material of both classics and recent award winning authors. The reason why I love these genres is that it’s great way to get ideas about the future and to think about how sci-fi has historically shaped the future we live in now.

What I’ve been watching

  • Eric (Netflix) - Another fantastic character thriller staring Benedict Cumberbatch. Binge it now.

What I’ve been listening to

Actually not much this week. I’m usually smashing through my podcasts on a weekly basis and often posting new ones here. However I’m now got quite a long backlog and I’m coming to the conclusion that I might be reaching a practical limit of how much I can consume in a given week.

What I’ve been doing in the real world

Well, very frustratingly the week started with a broken treadmill (having just posted this post on the topic). This will hopefully be replaced next week, but I’ve certainly noticed that I feel different without the daily exercise. But it wasn’t all bad, I’ve been focusing on a few side projects to increase the automation of my daily life. Also daughter started rugby which I’ve enjoyed watching and I’m really happy for her.