Writing, so much writing. I did an rough estimate before writing this and I think I easily written more than 10k words this week - the size of the average thesis. I love writing (obviously) but technical writing is certainly something of a craft that I always underestimate until having to do it.

What I’ve been doing

Discussing with a customer about how to move off an ancient k8s cluster deployed on AWS EC2 with KOps - everyone knows I love a bit of technical archaeology. On the other end of the spectrum I have been working on writing about all the details of application support for random (industry specific) applications and how to manage them in a modern way. Fun week all round really :)

What I’ve been thinking about

When does an AI become something of your very own? Seems like a bit of an odd question but if you take some near-future AI (and by near-future I mean like next month) where it can see my screen, read my emails, see my search history, knows my activity and my preferences - is that AI actually mine? At what point is a foundation model, so sufficiently fine-tuned on my data, on me, that in essence a completely new AI focused on me? Also, when do I get it?

What I’ve been reading

Well this week’s reading is a bit meta as I’ve mostly been working through other people’s blogrolls finding more blogs to add to my feed. Every time someone mentions a blogroll on one of my social media feeds than it becomes an open tab for me to read though. At the start of this week it was 35 open tabs, it’s now 15. Some new some entering my feed - updates to /blogroll coming soon.

What I’ve been watching

Still finishing off Foundation (about to start Season 2) but also catching up on a couple of other guilty-pleasure shows.

  • Grey’s Anatomy - S20 (Disney+) - I’ve been watching this on/off for years, in fact I think I got to about season 10 and had a very large break from it for a few years and then watched it all again from the beginning. It’s pure soap opera, but with characters I actually don’t hate most of the time. It’s also one of those shows that feels like everyone is expecting it (or wants it to) end after every season but it just keep finding ways to hand in there and I’m glad.
  • Station 19 - S7 (Disney+) - The Grey’s Anatomy spin off that I don’t hate, easily stands up on it’s own with a great cast of characters. Sadly, S7 is the final season.

What I’ve been doing in the real world

I’ve spend some good time with friends when the weather wasn’t so bad, and I’ve been back on the treadmill again after almost a week off. Focusing now one some small diet changes in order to help improve the dad-bod situation (more on this in another post).