This week as been more real-world customer problems, more research and just really enjoying the pace of things again.

What I’ve been doing

More customers, more deals. Still surprising that after all these years there are still folks out there who haven’t migrated to the cloud yet. There are also so many organisations that find themselves adrift for support when a bad exit from an exiting outsourcer occurs. This is my in my 7 powers blog post this month I still think customer experience is a massive problem in our industry and one that can be a competitive advantage.

I’m also hear some whispers of things like repatriation and cloud-to-cloud migrations again. It’s sort of funny the types of things you get to work on during the economic dip.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with my development team this week looking at the development roadmap. It’s very exiting building a platform underneath the unique challenges of an MSP.

What I’ve been thinking about

I think that one of the many challenges we’re going to face over the coming months is the complexity of the AI landscape. Which model do I choose? Which one is best for my problem? How to I measure and compare multiple models effectively against my specific success criteria. All of these are going to be interesting problems to dig into.

What I’ve been reading

Along the continued theme of me expanding my depth of latest AI knowledge, I’ve been signed-up to a new newsletter and browsing the archive of: AI News

What I’ve been watching

  • Responder - Season 2 (BBC) - Having just come off the back of watching Blue Lights two weeks ago, this felt right at home. Martin Freeman is always great and I’d been looking forward to this second series.

What I’ve been listening to

A bit sneaky, I’ve been half-listening, half-watching this interview with Sam Altman on The Possibilities of AI

What I’ve been doing in the real world

I guess I am mindful that the pace of things can from time to time mean that a week can fly past with little more than a brief acknowledgement. To help balance that out and as part of the habit forming I was looking at a couple of weeks ago, I’ve starting using the Oak meditation app again - 10 minutes a day to just slow me down a bit. I’ve found it very useful and I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this once I’ve been doing it for a while.