A slow week in comparison to previous weeks but it’s allowed me some much needed thinking and research time.

What I’ve been doing

This week has been one of those finishing weeks - several work-in-progress things getting closed off. Satisfying. Almost achieved inbox-zero (almost!).

Spent some time going deep on a customers cloud environment. Felt great to be doing this again (albeit briefly), like putting on an old pair of shoes.

Started going deep this week on my AI learning and research. My notebook is starting to get quite full and it feels a bit like being at university again. Still lots to learn and plenty of videos to watch and white papers to digest but I’m enjoying flexing my brain in learning something new at depth.

What I’ve been thinking about

These are some of the questions that’s helping drive my AI research:

  • What are the building blocks / products that are required before you can start with AI services?
  • What’s the decision tree in model selection?
  • What’s the upgrade path from one model to another?
  • What are the practical AI customer use-cases?

What I’ve been reading

Nothing specific bits and pieces of new things as I spend more time reviewing other people blogrolls are expanding the top of the funnel into my RSS feed.

Here two I was going through this week:

What I’ve been listening to

Risky Biz Podcast

What I’ve been doing in the real world

The weather has bit a little bit rubbish this week, so when not with the horses I’ve spent the time planning out some more personal projects (expect to see more visibility of that on the site soon).