I’m back!

It’s been a almost a year since my last post, primarily driven by going deep into a new role at work (more on that to come). Despite the lack of posts, I’ve certainly not stopped writing and I now have a range of new research topics that you going to hear more about from me over the next few months.

What’s changed

I’ve also not stopped with making one or two changes to this site. Those of you paying attention will notice there is now a refreshed RSS feed for these posts and for those of you that prefer audio all of my posts now come with audio transcription narrated not by AI but by yours truly. Drop this new audio RSS feed into your podcast player and keep up with what I’m working on.

Finally, details on all these changes as well as some upcoming future projects and ideas are now all posted to the ChangeLog part of this site.

Take a look around, enjoy the changes and subscribe to my feed to get more posts over the next few months.