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Employment Details

July 2016 - Present: Claranet Limited (London)

:: Cloud Practice Director

As the Cloud Practice Director, I am responsible for the entire cloud engineering team of 40+ engineers across all supported cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP, VMware) as well as Cloud Economists and Learning and Development.

With this role my focus has been on growing teams while retaining culture and aligning teams with purpose, values and business goals.

My responsibilities continue to be in shaping the product portfolio as part of the business unit’s leadership team, ensure that my teams have the skills, the tools and the autonomy to delivery successfully to customers. This includes building a platform of tools to support the delivery, operations and team learning to ensure the practice can continue to expand from 50 to 100+ engineers.

:: Technical Principal (CloudOps)

While continuing to manage by initial team of 8 engineers, with the technical principal role I was much more engaged across out multi-cloud portfolio (Azure, AWS and GCP) supporting the expansion and definition of new service offerings to customers. This involved continued end-customer engagement and consulting at multi-levels, working on business plans and service definitions. This role expanded my knowledge of Product Management, customer leadership and allowed to be start my journey of learning strategy and roadmap development.

:: Azure Practice Lead

With a windows team already established I took on a new role to build and grow the team and capability with Microsoft Azure.

This was a very entrepreneurial and leadership role within the business where I was leading all elements of the business growth including hiring the team, partner management with Microsoft and pre-sales with C-level customer prospects.

I was also expanding my technical knowledge of the Azure platform and working with my team to introduce new tools and establish a deployment and operations platform to support large customer engagements on this new (for the business) platform.

:: Windows Cloud Practice Lead - Bashton Ltd

I joined Claranet just 6 months after the acquisition of Bashton Ltd - their first acquisition for public cloud capability. The initial expectation of this role was to build a team to support the deployment and on-going support of Windows infrastructure and applications on AWS.

This included working with some high-profile retail brands such as FunkyPigeon, Missguided and Superdry.

It was part of my role to introduce new tools and processes to the newly established public cloud practice and to support the integration between Bashton and the wider Claranet business. During the two years in this role, I also lead the first engagements with Microsoft and Google which would later turn into formal partnerships and established cloud teams within the business.

Feb 2014 - July 2016: OpenTable International Limited (London)

:: Senior Infrastructure Engineer

A Senior infrastructure engineer at OpenTable means supporting the datacenter operations and development teams to build new infrastructure and to automate the build and management of existing legacy infrastructure.

During my time at OpenTable I built a logging infrastructure from the ground-up (on AWS using ELK and Apache Kafka that can support 1B message a day), replaced multiple monitoring systems based on nagios with a single solution based upon sensu, applied config management to a wide range of systems both on Windows and Linux and helped to develop new tools to support standardized deployments on Apache Mesos.

A significant portion of this role has involved me liaising with and training development and operations teams both in London and in San Francisco. It also required communicating with all layers of management to ensure the successful rollout of the projects.

This work gave me the opportunity to work and release a lot of code open source and build communities around that; in particular I made significant contributions to the Puppet community by providing additional support for Windows. I learnt a lot from this experience in building community though blogging, giving talks and podcasting on this and other subjects. Community evangelism is not something that is often thought of as significant in an operations-based role, but I have found it to be both enjoyable and beneficial on many occasions.

From April 2015 to July 2016, I was leading my team in its projects and decision making. We remained autonomous within the organization, identifying problems and providing solutions wherever we see value.

June 2010 - Feb 2014: Mimecast Ltd (London)

:: DevTools Engineer

As a build and release engineer for Mimecast I worked with all teams within the business and directly with the CTO to introduce Continuous Delivery into the business. That continued to be my main focus as the engineering team grew from 20+ to 100+. As the maturity of the build and release process advanced my role changed to a more DevTools focused position.

I think a devops mentality was critical to a role like this and I had to make sure that I remain balanced in both my development and operations skill sets. This means that I was involved in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. I advised on component-based architectures to help speed up the build/delivery process, I introduced and educated on new testing tools, and I implemented and improved the deployment and release processes. I was also the primary administrator for all pre-production environments both Linux (CentOS) and Windows (all versions) and made extensive use of configuration management (puppet) and monitoring tools (Opsview, Nagios, Munin) to achieve this. I have performed many large migration projects and was heavily involved in Mimecast’s ISO 28000:2007 certification.

It was very much a platform and language agnostic role and I got to work day-to-day with a wide variety of tools and platforms including Java, C# and Ruby on both Linux, Windows and all major mobile platforms. I continue to believe that it is hugely important to remain flexible and to be able to pick up new languages and skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Feb 2009 - June 2010: Saga Holidays Ltd (Folkestone, Kent)

:: System Consultant (Java Developer)

As a systems consultant for Saga Holidays my work was extremely varied, from Java development work to advising business stakeholders about upcoming ideas and technologies. As a developer I worked on Java systems, both client and server-side. I was originally recruited for my UI development skills (in Java Swing) but extended my knowledge beyond this into unit testing, web services and databases.

In addition, I found that I spent a considerable amount of time focusing on build and releasing issues. I moved the team from performing manual builds to a semi-automated process and I continued to work on this as they advanced further in the continuous integration maturity model. This extended my skill set to cover the use of tools such as Jenkins/Hudson, SonarCube and scripting technologies such as Ant, Ivy and Maven. This was a difficult process (due in part the then legacy codebase) and required code refactoring, migration to new tool sets (including new SCM) and working with other teams through the cultural changes of this new process.

Saga gave me experience in bringing CI to a large organisation and the various challenges both technical and cultural that are involved in that.

Sept 2006 - Aug 2007: Nexor Ltd (Nottingham)

:: Placement Student

I had various roles during my year with Nexor as I rotated around a number of departments where I learnt Perl, C++ and a number of Testing and Development skills on Windows and Linux. I also gained experience in VMware and network administration and the implementation and maintenance of military standard email software.

This development experience, in addition to my time in a QA department, gave me the experience of the full software development lifecycle as well as an appreciation for all processes that are required for ISO:9000 status. During this time, I was trained by an external party in the practice of good customer service, and I maintain that this is one of my strengths from the year.


  • University of Kent at Canterbury - Bsc Computer Science with Year in the Industry
  • Norton Knatchbull Secondary School