I’m very very late to the party when it comes to having a Digital Garden and knowing what that really is, but I’ve recently discovered it and I now I have a word for something I’ve been doing for a while now. Some folks have personal wiki’s, other’s task apps or blogs or github repos - all regularly tendered and updated with knowledge as they learn.

For me it’s been more like a digital shed. I’ve been a digital packrat for most of my adult life - collecting everything I can find to learn something from: audio, books, websites. This what started the workflow I discussed in one of the previous posts. But there has been something missing that I am hoping to try and use this medium for - and that’s me not just consuming ideas but also post my thoughts, ideas, notes somewhere.

So expect more here. Expect updates. Unfinished work.

Expect me to tend this garden in small chunks. Let’s see how we get on.